Poker: Learn How To Play Like A Pro!

Though Poker is a game that needs skill but simple to understand and to start playing. Get into the glamorous world online casino poker game.

Did you know that poker is a mental sport?

Poker tests your patience like nothing else. You could play perfectly yet lose over and over again. Hence the psychological aspect of poker cannot be overlooked. A lot of people even consult mental coaches to play poker well.

Poker is not a game of chance, as there are a number of ways to strategize the game. You cannot win using the same strategy every time. Hence, there is no foolproof strategy to play poker. The only way to excel in poker is to hone your skills and mind-eye coordination. 

There is also an intrinsic connection between poker and mathematical skills. A master strategist who can validate a move by permutation and combination emerges the winner. You can never expect to win if you play random moves, as the role played by luck in this game is very small. 

Another important fact is that you have to understand and internalize the theories related to poker very well. You should also make a thorough analysis of the strategies adopted by winners to be able to manipulate the cards skillfully. 

Last but not least, practice makes you perfect. The more you practice, the more your reflexes will sharpen and you will be able to apply the tips and tricks learned from top players. 

As poker is primarily a skill-based game, practice, experience, and presence of mind are essential to be a pro at poker.

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Poker in India

India is one of the biggest online poker markets in the world, as it is not illegal to play poker there.

There has been a ban in India on games of chance since 1941, except horse-race wagering and state-sponsored monopoly. But there is no ban on poker as it is considered to be a game of skill. Poker has been recognized as a sport by the Ministry of Sports.

Virtual poker is much more convenient than the offline version. The number of games you can play is more for less money. This is because many websites offer features like reload bonuses and sign-up bonuses. 

There are numerous online poker clubs where you can just sign up and play. You will enjoy all of this, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Poker is also an extremely popular game among celebrities. Football star Neymar finished 6th in the Indiaian Series of Poker. Stars like Brad Pitt, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ben Affleck, Fernando Alonso, and Bruno Gagliasso are also known to be great fans of the game. 

Former US President Richard Nixon was such a good poker player that he funded his election campaign with money won from playing poker.

Win at online poker

To win at online poker, you need to know the rules perfectly.

Is it better to play poker for free or for real money?
For beginners, it is advisable to play for free as you don’t have the risk of losing your money. But, it is not a good way to learn strategies. To be an expert player you need to play with money.

It is similar to Texas Holdem. Here each player is dealt four cards. He/she must make the best hand using two of them and three of the five community cards. 

It is the most popular variant of poker. Two cards which are called hole cards are dealt face down to each player. Then there are three stages where five community cards are dealt face up. The player who has the best hand at the end of all the rounds wins.

In this variant of poker, each player receives both face-up and face-down cards dealt in a number of betting rounds. These are also typically non-positional games.

Here the game is played against only one opponent, instead of several players around a table. It is also called heads up poker and is extremely popular in the virtual world.

We will help you to play poker like a Pro!

Varying the playing style is very important as it makes the opponent confused. Changing your strategy suddenly is a great way to have an upper hand in the game. 

You also need to pay attention to the amount you bet.

Look closely at the playing styles of your opponents. Notice how often they play a hand or if they are normally raising or re-raising. Also, take account of their standard pre-flop raise size and whether it changes. 

This is the key to being a winner in the game of poker. Therefore, you need to understand the poker hand rankings in order to determine the strength of each player’s hand and who wins at the end.

It is best to play for free at first as it poses no risk of losing your money. Play by varying your playing styles, signature moves and analyzing your opponents. Once you become an expert by playing like this, you can start betting money. 

Earn money by playing poker online!

Playing poker is a great way to earn money online and from the comfort of your home. The best sites to play poker now for money are:

Every player’s Dream: Winning Poker Tournaments
Poker tournaments have several players and the money put on a bet is also huge.

Multiple players can participate in a poker tournament. There can be two players playing on a single table, called a heads-up tournament as well as thousands of players occupying a similar number of tables. The person winning every poker chip in the game is the winner. Others get awarded places based on when they get eliminated.

The most famous poker tournaments are:

After the internet revolution, online poker has become a rage. Many online poker tournaments and series have become larger than the live ones. Two such tournaments are the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) and Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS). The prize money of these tournaments often run into more than a million dollars. 

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