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There are so many online casino out there that can often be difficult to find the one of the best suited to you and the way you play. We've rated more than 100 casinos to make it easier to choose, based on ranked criteria covering all the importnt parts of an online casino experience. The Right Casino experts haveselected thet best casins for UK players.

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Find your next fun and entertainment experience from a selection of over 1000 online games available to the Indian audience. The Guia Casinos team also plays and tests everything related to online casinos on a monthly basis, from new games, features, providers and payment methods. Our mission is to generate quality content based on real experiences, so that you have access to the most incredible tips and get the best game opportunities! On our website you will find:

Top 10 Online Casinos in India with Their Features 

1. Playamo Casino- 

2. Dunder Casino-

3. Lord Lucky Casino-

4. King Billy Casino-

5. Betway Casino- 

6. Paddy Power Casino-

7. N1 Casino-

8. Coral Casino-

 9. Ladbrokes Casino- 

10. Lapalingo Casino-

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A Brief History
The online casinos bootstrapped in the mid-1990s. Since the beginnings of the online casino industry, listless milestones have been achieved, and the online gambling industry is expected to be worth approximately $94 billion by 2025. 

Physical Casino vs. Online Casino 

The online gambling industry is achieving bigger in economic perspective as it already generates revenues of €13.5 billion (15% of the European gambling market) and brings much higher revenue. According to one of the leading statistics portals, Statista, the size of the online gambling market would amount to nearly €55.89 billion by the end of 2020. 

Physical casinos tend to be overly hectic for the scarcity of the seats and the pace. There is a list of guidelines, and full of restrictions. Moreover, the players have to stand in a long queue. Besides, physical casinos often entertain class-perception and allow only rich players.
On the other hand, online casinos offer flexibility in the choice of time. The players can have instant access even at the wee hours of the night with fewer distractions and no such rigid gaming restrictions. Coming to the seats, online casino operators offer enough space on the virtual blackjack table for the players to try every slot machine!

Operating Expenses
There is a huge difference between the operating expenses of online casinos and the physical counterpart. Online casinos businesses need a peanut start-up cost as most of the time the software is sourced from the leading vendors providing turnkey casinos. The game content of online casinos includes a management system.
Physical casinos have higher operating expenses as they have to employ employees and dealers, install gaming machines, and buy gaming tables. Most importantly, the land-based casinos need an entire building, bars and sometimes hotels to pick up and integrate missing casino elements.

Temptation of Free Spins
Wouldn’t you be excited about playing 3D games for free? Online casinos entertain newcomers with free spins! Thus, the novices also get free demos before staking their real money in the gamble. Physical casinos still do not offer any tempting free spins as such.
Integration of Technology
Land-based casinos combat several hindrances while integrating technology. Tablet solutions or mobile platform support cannot be implemented in local casinos immediately.

Options for Multiple Currencies
Unlike a physical casino, the players can easily use multiple currencies in online casinos. Since the gamblers can skip the currency conversion fees, they prefer the online casinos more than the land-based one. 
How do Online Casinos Work in India?
Most countries around the world enjoy playing gambling of some sort, and India is no exception. In fact, gambling is an integral part of ancient Indian cultural and social life, as much as it is in Europe and America. 
While gambling and betting come under individual State Jurisdictions, some restrictions are there, and licensed brick-and-mortar casinos are not easy available here. Even if you find one, that might be fraudulent, leaving you face harsh legal upshots. Hence, the best way to enjoy casino games is to register online today. 

Though the national currency operated in India is Real, it is advisable to keep alongside USD as a payment option at online gambling.
However, offering payments in Bitcoin is even more attractive. Bitcoin has seen unprecedented growth in the last months in India. Bitcoin trading at Indian cryptocurrency exchanges during the first half of 2019 reached 49 million USD, while the gold trading was 47 million USD in the same period.
Though you can use Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Maestro) to make online deposits, Credit Cards sometimes might not allow you to pay for online gambling through Credit cards. 
But you can pay through the common eWallets, such as Neteller and Skrill. You can also deposit with EntroPay and the prepaid PaysafeCard that is also available in India. 

The software operating online casino for the Indian gamblers shall meet many important requirements including security, flexible and simple administration, casino bonuses, and effective affiliate management systems, etc. The Indian online casino software boasts of Bitcoin payment functionality and multi-language support.

How Live Dealer Casino Games conducted?
Though online live casino experience is similar to a traditional casino, there are some fundamentals you must know before stepping in to live dealer casino games.
The three most common and widely available live dealer casino games are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. 
The gameplay of live dealer casino games has many similarities to the standard casino rules. It is true that each online casino integrates their unique tweaks to the rules, but the basic gameplay sticks to the standard casino rules across most of the online casino games.
Live casino games often implement Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that reads the cards, roulette placement and shows the values on your screen automatically. 
Live dealer games sometimes display a chat option. You must be polite and courteous to the other players as well as the dealers. It must be noted that misbehavior and insulting statements may lead you to a suspension from every format of online casinos or even a lifetime ban. Hence, etiquette is important while communicating in live online gambling sessions.

Live Dealer Games Take more time than technology-powered casinos
It is a universal fact that humans are slower than modern technologies. You need to be a bit patient as live dealer games curtail the speed for lesser automation. But the realism in this mode of live dealer casinos comes worthy of your time. So, live dealer games take more time-taking than a computer or AI-powered games.
Minimum Bets are Slightly Higher in live Dealer Games
Live dealer casino games ask for a little higher minimum bet. Live dealer games require more equipment to maintain like cameras, lights, and human dealers to conduct the live sessions. Because of the additional expense, live dealer games are slightly more expensive.
What are the Different Games Available in live dealer casinos?
As stated earlier, live dealer games feature most of the player’s favourite and the most common live casino games like poker, teen patti, and roulette.

Why are people afraid to play casinos online?
Online Payment issues

The swift growth of online casinos comes with a downside - increased cybercrime. People are still petrified of the spoofed and stolen identity data. During peak hours, the automated bot faces gambling traffic.

The operator in partnership with its payments provider must supply:

Gambling merchant accounts and payments processors consider high risks for a few reasons, including diverse global laws, age restrictions, higher-than-typical chargebacks, high-volume turnover, money laundering.
By using fraud prevention mechanisms and the latest data protection technology, such as 3D Secure, CVV, and address verification, the reliable payments provider can reduce the risk of data loss and enhances payment gateway security.

Gambling Addiction
Due to the easy availability of the internet and smart technology, access to online gambling sites is now a child’s play. As a result, online gambling is proving to be a great addiction. You cannot cut off the addictive element or stay away from it as in the 21st century it is impossible to virtually connect with the world without the tablets, desktop, PCs, smartphones, or any other devices with an internet connection. Thus, there’s no such effective way for an addicted gambler to restrain him from online casinos.

Lack of Customer Support
With the aim of making online casinos too private, the players stay in the dark about the actual operator of the online gambling sessions. Though instant messaging technology is integrated into most reputable online casinos, the gamblers cannot connect with one another at all times. Instead, they can only interact with one another while playing some specific casino games.

Are you a New Player?  Grab the Chance of Winning Casino Bonuses
Casinos bonus is an amazing way to attract new players who are still hesitant about investing a lump sum amount initially on online gambling. A casino bonus mainly targets Slot players. The bonus comes as something extra to the players like free spins, on-site currency, and deposit matching in bonus cash.
Online casinos basically offer these bonuses to gain popularity, to promote their deals. They term the bonuses as a ' welcome package’ for the new players. However, it is up to the players whether they want to claim the bonuses or not.
If you are new to this virtual casino world, then it is advisable to try these casino bonuses as they help you zeroing on the casino site where you want to invest your money and time.
You can try your luck in a wide variety of casino bonuses like-

What is a deposit bonus?
When a player initiates a cash deposit to his casino account, a deposit bonus is awarded to him. It comes in the shape of free spins, bonus cash, or another form of reward decided by the casino.
What is a no-deposit bonus?
Except for cash deposit, when a player makes a certain action like signing up to the casino and creating a player account, a no-deposit bonus is awarded. As a no-deposit bonus, casinos determine activities like downloading the casino’s application to your mobile or computer device or referring a new player.
What are the free spins?
Free spins are bonus turns that you can take on slot games without spending real money. Free spins are often offered to the players as a part of a welcome bonus package or as promotions. There are specific terms and conditions associated with free spins, and most online casinos make these restrictions clear after the player signed up.
One of the smartest ways to win a casino bonus is registering a casino account that offers either a no deposit bonus or a sign-up bonus. Thus, just by signing up, you can secure free bonus money in your casino account.
How to Find Trustworthy Online Casino Operators in India?
Virtual casino games are entertaining and offer the chances for big wins. Yet many people do not feel safe to try them out. While providing banking details and personal data, the hesitant people question whether the online casino operators can secure such information or not.
You have to keep in minds a number of factors and undergo a combing operation to identify the reliability of a casino operator-